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An employee's schedule all on one page

This gives employees and managers a real-time display of what is happening in their business.

Employee Availability

Employees can configure their individual availability, based on 15 minutes blocks of free or busy.

Employee Profile

Employee's can keep their personal information current. They can also test to ensure they can receive text messages and emails.

Importing Data

Shifts123 has a power data importing engine to import shifts, positions or even employees. By using spreadsheets of data you already have, you can be up and running in less time.


Shifts123 comes with a comprehensive reports suite that allows you to see all the activities that have happened in your business, and even what's happening right now with the "Who's on now?" report.

Scheduler: Planning

Scheduling is the heart of Shifts123, and this is the interface for creating shifts.

Scheduler: Assigning

Shifts123 offers a feature called EasyShifts that allows the system to fill all the open shifts based on employee's preferences. Shifts that are filled manually use this scheduling manager.


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