How Shifts123 Scheduling Can Save Time ::

How Shifts123 Scheduling Can Save Time

Tired of being buried in piles of paperwork? Paper scheduling can cause you to waste a lot of time not to mention paper. Online scheduling systems like Shift123 can take the headache out of employee scheduling. Both employees and managers can access the system anytime from any computer with an internet browser to view and print schedules as well as submit time off requests. This makes the communication process easier and saves everyone their precious time.

A Time Saver for Large Corporations and Small Businesses Alike

What is Shifts123?

Shifts123 is an online employee scheduling service that helps businesses save time, save money, retain employees and focus on what they truly love to do.

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For both big companies and small businesses, online scheduling with Shifts123 can cut the time spent scheduling in half. Rather than having to write out different schedules for different locations and departments you can create custom schedules online. You can even organize them so that there are different customized schedules based on shift or position. With the click of a mouse you can view daily, weekly, or monthly schedules of your employees.

Unlike some other online scheduling systems, with Shifts123 you also have the ability to filter your schedules in a customized manner in order to view specific information such as which employees have time off, are working a particular shift, or aren't scheduled. This feature makes it easier to find replacements for employees who call in sick or don't show up.

By using our simple online interface, scheduling shift can be done easily by allowing you to move and switch schedules around at your convenience. The EasyShifts™ feature creates optimum schedules for each employee based on preferred work times.

When you publish a new schedule on Shifts123, your employees will automatically be notified by email or text message. Employees are notified of their schedules so you don't have to waste time tracking them down.

Online scheduling systems save you a lot of work and time because of the various tools that allow you to communicate with your employees easily as well as view and input information quickly and efficiently. Save yourself unnecessary trouble by simplifying and organizing the scheduling process for you and your employees with Shifts123. You'll find that scheduling will become easier and most of all, faster.

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