How does it work?

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You can upload files and documents that can be shared with all your employees.
Timecards and cost information can be tracked for employee time.
These are the positions or jobs that employees fill in your company.
You can add your employee’s contact information as well as the type of positions or jobs they can fill.
Employees can provide details of when they can and cannot work
Time off requests can be managed automatically by Shifts123 and even approved online!
Determine the requirements for each position each day, you can copy the requirements from other days or weeks!
Assign a person to a shift, this can be done using the website or automatically with the EasyShift™ scheduling engine.
Happy with the assignments of shifts? Publish them and let the employees know!
Employees can check their schedules online, from anywhere!
Employees can be notified of new shifts by email
Employees can be notified of new shifts by mobile phone