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Watch a 1-minute guided demonstation of the scheduling process.

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Save Money

Cut scheduling preparation time and reduce unscheduled overtime. Greater efficiency for greater profits.
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EasyShifts™ Scheduler

Quickly match critical job functions and the best employee for the job
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Automatic Notification

Get key employees to where they are needed--wherever they are now
Shifts123 creates happiness

Happier Workplace

Empower managers and workers to address small problems before they gain traction
Shifts123 is easy to learn

Easy To Learn

The intuitive user interface can get you up and running in less than an hour for reduced downtime and training expense
Shifts123 does not require an install

No software

Real business efficiency, real fast: nothing for you to install or update!

Thousands and thousands of shifts have been scheduled with Shifts123! It's the easy to use employee scheduling system.