Shifts123 Manifesto

The Shifts123 Manifesto

Shifts123 Staff Scheduling Software is designed to save you time and save you money: you can bring your users together in a virtual environment where it's easy and fun to schedule their time and find out when they need to work. You can keep tabs on all of your employees and you can easily reference upcoming availability of staff for your small business. Your staff will receive automated messages to their computers or cell phones to remind them when it's time to come to work. You will save yourself hours of phone calls and labor when you automate your staff scheduling with Shifts123: time is money, and we understand that you want the fastest, most reliable program you can find in order to free up your time for all the other things you need to think about.

This is what we believe

One-to-One Communication With Our Valued Clients

At Shifts123, we believe in personalized service: we are a small business, and we can provide you with answers to your questions immediately. There are no tiresome automated voicemail messages to wade through as you seek an answer to your concerns. When you contact our staff about Shifts123 software, you will speak to the programmers themselves, and you will be able to get the answers and assistance you need. Not only do we provide you with the highest standard of customer service, we believe our product can save you time and money, refining your staff scheduling and allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business.


We've streamlined our software, because we know you want something that is fast and simple to use. We know that complex software that is difficult to use and understand will only complicate your life, and we want to make staff scheduling easier than ever before. With this in mind, we've created Shifts123 to function anywhere you have Internet access, and we've designed the software in such a way that backups and other time-consuming tasks are all performed by our technicians, instead of our busy clients. We remove the red tape from your customer experience, and we'll always continue to find new and creative ways to save you time and money.

We Are A Small Business, and We Believe in Helping Small Businesses

Running a small business is challenging, exciting, and full of little details that need to be taken care of, every day. We understand small business management, and we are passionate about doing our part to make your venture more profitable and efficient. By providing you with cutting-edge scheduling software that pushes the envelope, we have put our pioneering spirit to work for you and your small business.


We are devoted to honesty and transparency in our business dealings. Our reputation is important to us, and we value our standing in the business community. We are not afraid to tell you if there is a problem on our end, and we are determined to get things running smoothly again as quickly as possible. That being said, we've designed our software to function smoothly for you, time and time again. If you want honest communication with your software programmers, you can rest assured that Shifts123 staff will always treat your concerns with the highest degree of respect, and we will always be honest with you about what is happening on our end.


Just because it is work-related, doesn't mean it can't be fun to use! Some software is just too complex and frustrating to be user-friendly, but that isn't the case with Shifts123. We've avoided the pitfalls that some tricky software can present to clients, and we've designed our system to be pleasant and user-friendly every time! You won't need to spend countless hours figuring out the ins and outs of our program. Our commitment to excellent communication with you, the client, and all the users in your system, allows us to provide you with the highest degree of user-friendliness we possibly can. We believe our software is the best staff scheduling solution for the small business owner. Contact us today and find out how easy and satisfying it can be to automate your staff scheduling with Shifts123!


At Shifts123, staff scheduling is our only focus: we devote our entire workday to taking care of our clients and system users. We don't spread ourselves too thin and we never lose our focus. Our whole company philosophy is built around customer satisfaction, user-friendliness, and the tangible benefits Shifts123 will bring to your bottom line. You can enjoy better service and better results with a company that focuses only on staff scheduling software and on excellent communication with our valued clients.