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How does scheduling work?


Ever wondered how to streamline the scheduling process?  Well you aren't the only one.  To make scheduling easier for everyone, online schedule software Shifts123 has come into existence.  Shifts123 takes the headache out of scheduling by allowing you to plan, create, and print schedules with ease.  Regardless of whether your business is large or small, online scheduling can make a huge difference.  Companies with hundreds of locations and small businesses with just one scheduling manager can both benefit from online scheduling software because it saves time, money, and labor.

Shifts123 uses a 1-2-3 process for building your schedule.



Planning is the process of determining how many people are required to cover the operations of your business during a certain time period.  You can create a shift, copy shifts from other days, import shifts from a file, and clear all the shifts on a day.


Filling is the process of assigning a user to a specific shift.  In Shifts123, this can be done automatically by clicking the EasyShifts button.  You can manually assign shifts as well.


Publishing is the final stage of the process, and needs to be done before shifts show up as required for employees to work.

Useful reports are generated for your businesses schedule.

Now that you know how much easier the scheduling process can be, toss out the piles of paper and start using schedule software like Shifts123.  With its various tools, it will make planning, creating, and publishing schedules faster and easier.

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