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How do I import employees?


Click Employee under the Manage dropdown menu.

Then click Import employee from the menu on the right.

From the next page, select your file and then click Import Employees.

The file format the Shifts123 is expecting is: (Sample Employees CSV File)

Import Field Sample Data Description
Email Email address of the employee (optional)
FirstName Ron Employee's first name
LastName Jones Employee's last name
Address 2732 Baker Blvd. Employee's street address (optional)
City London Employee's city (optional)
Region Alberta Employee's province or state (optional)
PostalCode T2F 8M4 Employee's postal or zip code (optional)
Country Canada Employee's country (optional)
HomePhone (168) 869-2639 Employee's home phone number (optional)
CellPhone (568) 187-8245 Employee's cell phone number (optional)
MinHours 30 Minimum hours to schedule the user per week (required)
MaxHours 40 Maximum hours to schedule the user per week (required)
StartDate 12/12/2007 Employee's start date
EndDate   Employee's end date
Position Manager Employee's position
Skill 100 Employee's skill at position between 1 to 100
Rate 12.00 Employee's pay rate for position (defaults to position rate if not specified for employee)

How to make a CSV File.

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