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Employee Self-Service

Shifts123 employee self-service is a feature that allows employees to add their details into the system for you. This helps reduce data entry errors and saves time.

Click Manage and then click Configuration.

Scroll down the page to Invitation Code. The word there can be changed to anything you want, and is only used by the invitation system. Once you have set it to something you want click Save.

Click Manage and then click Reports.

Click the New Employee Letter in the report section.

The report will load, and can be printed and distributed to your employees.  The three key pieces of information on the letter are, the invite URL, the invitation id (which is a way Shifts123 can tell which company it is) and an invitation passcode, that you setup in a previous step.  The invitation id that Shifts123 generates may contain letters and numbers, but does not contain the letter O to avoid confusion.

Employees that go to that url:
Will be prompted to enter the ID and code and click Validate.

If it is a valid code, they will be able to add their information to your company.  Once the employee has filled in all the valid information, they can click Create Account to have their account information saved.

Once they login they can see their schedule and set their availability.


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