How do I make sure I am getting Shifts123's emails? :: Help

How do I make sure I am getting Shifts123's emails?

After logging into Shifts123, click on the Profile link at the top of the screen or on the Profile menu item.

Scroll down to Notification.

Check the box for Email notification.  Click the confirm link.

You will receive an update that a message has been sent.

Check your email.

Click the provided link to confirm you are receiving emails from Shifts123.

If you are having trouble, please try these tips for various email providers:

Add us to your "address book."

Why is this important? Because we don't want you to miss a thing. When you add us to your "address book," you'll be adding Shifts123 email to your whitelist-which ensures you'll never miss any of Shifts123's email notifications.

One thing you can do no matter what e-mail system you're using is add the address in the "From" line of the  Shifts123 email to your address book.  This address is .

Whitelisting is fast and easy. To add  Shifts123 to your "whitelist." Just select your email provider from the following list below.



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Microsoft Outlook

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Microsoft Outlook Express

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Mozilla Thunderbird

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