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What is EasyShifts™?

EasyShifts™ is the automated scheduling feature of Shifts123.  It allows you to sit back and let the computer do all the work.  The Shift123 EasyShift scheduler evaluates each shift and tries to assign the best person to the job, it completes the schedule 7 different ways and ranks them based on shifts filled and peoples preferred work times.  It ensures people are not scheduled during their time off, or when they are not available to work.

Click Administration from the main menu bar: 
Click Manage Schedule.


Click EasyShifts.


It may take a few minutes to determine the best schedule.  You will be updated when the process is complete.

The EasyShifts™  Scheduler looks at employees who have time off, the availability they have setup, and which positions they can work.

It evaluates the schedule so each employees gets the number of shifts they want, and maximizes the coverage of all shifts.

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