Employee Help

Employee: Getting Started Guide
How do I manage my profile?
How do I change the days and times when I am available to work?
How do I request time off?
How do I trade shifts with another employee?
How do I take a shift that has been traded?
How do I make sure I am getting Shifts123's emails?
How can I leave messages for my coworkers?
How can I view the complete schedule?
How do I enter my timecard information?


Manager Help

Manager: Getting Started Guide


    How do I approve requests for employees to trade shifts?
How do I approve an employee's time off request?


    How does scheduling work?
How do I copy shifts?
How do I create shifts?
How do I create linked shifts?
How do I edit and individual shift?
What is EasyShifts?
How do I assign a shift to an employee?
How do I use the weekview?
How do I publish employees' schedules?
How do I re-assign shifts?


    How do I add a new employee?
How do I use employee self-service?
How do I create a new system manager?
How do I remove an employee who no longer works for the company?


    How do I add a new position?
How do I assign a position to an employee?
How do I remove a position that is no longer available?


    What reports are available and how do I view them?
How do I see the time off history?
How do I get my printouts to show the colors?
How can I upload documents for my employees?

Importing Data

    How do I import employees?
How do I import positions?
How do I import shifts?
How do I make a CSV file for import from Excel?