The Employee Scheduling Advantage

Employee scheduling is an important aspect of any successful business. There are many scheduling programs, but the majority are exorbitantly expensive and extremely complicated to use. At Shifts123, we offer an inexpensive solution that is easy to use!

Check out some of our great features:

Shift trading

Employees can open shifts for trade and pickup additional shifts. Once trades are complete they can be approved or declined by managers.

Employee availability

Employees can define when during the week they are available to work and there is no information the manager needs to keep track of.

Time off workflow

Employees can request time off online. Each request is time-stamped so you always know who asked for the day off first and who is already unavailable.

Notify by Email and SMS

When new shifts are published employees can be notified by email or SMS text message.

Multiple positions

Create positions for each type of job in your business that needs to be filled.  Emloyees with the skills to fill multiple positions can be assigned those shifts.


Shifts123 features comprehensive detailed reports on the current employee schedule as well as the labor costs associated with it.

File upload system

Upload documents into Shifts123 and they are immediately accessible to all employees. No more searching for that employee handbook.

Message system

You don't need a message board at work anymore! Shifts123 can keep track of employee notes all in one place.  Employees can collaborate to ensure all shifts are covered.

EasyShifts™ Scheduler

Let our automatic scheduler analyze the shift requirements for the week and put the most appropriate person into the position .  Selects the most qualified employee for the most challenging shifts.

Employee self service

Reduce data entry errors, paper work, and save time by having employees new to Shifts123 add themselves.

Data import utility

Format shifts, employees and positions into CSV files inside Excel. You can import them into Shifts123 without re-keying any of the data.

Excellent support

We want you to enjoy total peace of mind knowing we provide the best technical support in the business. We stand behind our software and are committed to helping our users succeed. We're here to help!

Who should use the Shifts123 Schedule software?

Our software is designed to help all individuals with a business - large or small. Our services are used by law enforcement, health care facilities, sports groups, country clubs, hotels, factories, schools and many industries.

What do we need to run your Shifts123 Software?

There is no client software to install and no updates to your website required to use our service. Shifts123 is 100% web-based. Users access and use Shifts123 entirely through their web browsers. Shifts123 is an online service, you will never have to install anything. All updates are done automatically on our end, without interrupting your work.

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