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Advantages of the Shifts123 Schedule Software

Today scheduling is an important aspect of any successful business. There are many scheduling programs, but the majority are exorbitantly expensive and extremely complicated to use. At Shifts123, we offer an inexpensive solution that is easy to use - for a small monthly fee.

Our Shifts123 program has many distinct advantages including:

What is Shifts123?

Shifts123 is an online employee scheduling service that helps businesses save time, save money, retain employees and focus on what they truly love to do.

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  • saving money by reducing overtime
  • increasing productivity by ensuring that all shifts are occupied
  • reducing employees dissatisfaction
  • decreasing managerial headaches
  • ability to access the system from anywhere
  • less paper work
  • no more confusions with double or missed shifts
  • selects the most qualified employee for the most challenging shifts

What are some of the features of the Shifts123 Program?

For the employer there are many benefits including:

No Software - Never install, update, upgrade or maintain software ever
The system can be used by many users at one time in many different locations.
The initial cost is low and  the overall savings are even greater because efficiency of staff utilization results in more productivity.
The schedule can be accessed by all employees and staff from the office, home or anywhere on the globe.
The automatic scheduler tracks working hours for all employees and the total number of hours worked by each employee is available instantly.
The schedule can be altered at anytime by the manager. The changes can be made online and the work schedule can be seen by everyone immediately.
The schedule can be completed from home, on a vacation or even on a plane
Import Your Data - Import employee, positions and shifts from any other system - if you have data in any system we can help you import it too
You don't get paid for learning software - Our intuitive user interface is much easier to learn than other software you may have reviewed - most people are up and running in less than a couple of hours
Free Trial - Once you decide to purchase, Shifts123 is a low monthly investment

Who should use the Shifts123 Schedule software?

Our software is designed to help all individuals with a business - large or small. Our services are used by law enforcement, health care facilities, sports groups, country clubs, hotels, factories, schools and many industries.

What do we need to run your Shifts123 Software?

There is no client software to install and no updates to your website required to use our service. Shifts123 is 100% web-based. Users access and use Shifts123 entirely through their web browsers. Shifts123 is an online service, you will never have to install anything. All updates are done automatically on our end, without interrupting your work.

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