How Shifts123 Can Help Employee Retention ::

How Shifts123 Can Help Employee Retention

It's no wonder why there's so much hype surrounding online scheduling software like Shifts123. It's convenient, fast, efficient, and highly accessible. Shifts123 makes everyone's jobs easier and streamlines the scheduling process. What used to take hours of paperwork can be whipped up in a manner of minutes by computer and it's not only management that is happy; the employees also feel a difference. Multiple studies have shown that employee scheduling online can actually help employee retention in the long run and here's why.

Online Scheduling Software is Employee-Friendly

What is Shifts123?

Shifts123 is an online employee scheduling service that helps businesses save time, save money, retain employees and focus on what they truly love to do.

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Gone are the days when employees had to call in to get their schedules or wait for them to be posted in the office. With Shifts123 online scheduling software, employees are notified when new schedules come out and they can easily access them online. Each employee receives a login ID and password so they can check and print schedules when they need to.

Employee scheduling online with Shifts123 allows employees to request time off from any computer with an internet connection. If the manager approves the time off, the schedules are updated automatically. No more waiting weeks for employees to find out if their time off was approved or not.

With Shifts123's online scheduling software, employees also have the ability to trade shifts with co-workers online. The need to communicate through a middle man is eliminated so schedule changes become much easier and hassle-free.

Employee Scheduling Online Prioritizes Each Employee's Needs

Employees are generally happier with their jobs when Shifts123 online scheduling software is used because they have more control over scheduling. This means less employee turnover. Employees can sign in and fill in the times when they cannot work and they can also enter work time preferences and the system will automatically create schedules based on these preferences. Now do yourself a favor and consider signing up for a free trial with Shifts123. In order to save money and accumulate loyal employees by improving employee retention, using Shifts123 is a must. When you simplify and improve the scheduling process by taking it online, managers aren't the only ones that benefit; your employees are more likely to be satisfied with their jobs as well.

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