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7 Ways Online Scheduling Services Produce Better Schedules

It's not news that online scheduling services are far superior to paper scheduling and spreadsheets. They save time and money while making everyone's job easier. What some people may not be aware of is that online schedule software actually leads to the production of better schedules for employees and managers alike. Here are 7 reasons why.

1 Online scheduling services allow managers to create custom schedules based on shift, position, location, or department. This streamlines the scheduling process and leads to the production of better, more organized schedules.
2 Employees can enter their preferred work times using online schedule software so that schedules are made with them taken into consideration. Because the employees' preferences are taken into account in the scheduling process, online scheduling also means less turn over.
3 With online scheduling services, employees can enter the times when they are not available for work so the schedules work around them.
4 Employees can request time off with online schedule software using their own ID and password and managers can view and approve time off requests online. When a time off request is granted, the schedules are automatically adjusted.
5 Managers can assign shifts manually with online scheduling services or use the EasyShifts™ feature so optimum schedules are created automatically using data available in the system about time off, employee availability, and preferred work times.
6 When viewing schedules with online schedule software, managers can see how many hours each employee is scheduled and avoid scheduling unnecessary overtime. This means more efficient scheduling and lower labor expenses.
7 Managers can enter specific staffing requirements and easily check whether each shift is covered when using online scheduling services. You can find out instantly if you have enough employees scheduled by finding out how many people or hours you have scheduled by shift, position, or department.

Online schedule software is the easiest way to stay on top of things and produce more efficient schedules. Now that you are armed with this information, get out there and find scheduling software that offers these perks so you can say goodbye to scheduling problems once and for all.

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