7 Reasons to Tell Your Boss About Shifts123.com!

7 Reasons to Tell Your Boss About Shifts123

Just imagine being able to decide for yourself when and when not to work and never having to call your boss to find out what your schedule is. All of this and more is possible if your workplace does its online scheduling with Shifts123.

Shifts123 is the best software available online for employee scheduling. With its unbeatable combination of unique features and the latest online scheduling technology, Shifts123 is popular with bosses and employees alike.

Gone are the days of inconvenient paperwork and scheduling problems. Businesses that use Shifts123 are finding that their employees are happier and less likely to leave their jobs because their wants and needs are taken into consideration. Here are 7 reasons why you should tell your boss about online scheduling with Shifts123.

1 Online scheduling with Shifts123 is convenient. You can view your schedule anytime, anywhere from any computer with an internet connection.
2 Shifts123 lets you decide your schedule. You can input your preferred work times and times you cannot work into the Shifts123 system so schedules are assigned with them in mind.
3 With Shifts123 you never have to call in to find out what your schedule is. You are automatically notified by email or text message when a new schedule is published.
4 When you want to go on vacation, Shifts123 makes it easy to request time off. All you have to do is log in and make a request. Shifts123 makes it a lot easier and faster for your boss to approve your time off request so you don't have to wait in anticipation for weeks to find out whether it was approved or not.
5 Shifts123 is much easier to use compared to other online scheduling programs. Even if you are technologically challenged, you will learn to navigate Shifts123 in no time.
6 With Shifts123 you will never forget when you have your next shift because you will automatically be sent reminders about when you work next via email or text message.
7 When you can't make it to your shift, it's a lot less of a hassle for your boss to find a replacement since he or she can easily look up employees who are available to replace you. With Shifts123 you don't have to have a guilt trip when you call in if you can't make it.

Online scheduling with Shifts123 is the easiest way for your boss to stay on top of scheduling and the best way for you to get the schedule you want. Don't let your boss waste time and money on old-fashioned scheduling methods that make scheduling more inconvenient than it needs to be. Shifts123 takes the work out of scheduling while providing the latest features that optimize your schedule to make it more convenient and above all, a better fit.

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