Employee Scheduling Problems Solved.

Create your employee schedules online -
save time and money!

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Can your scheduler handle timecards?

All in one place, budgeted and actual labour costing!

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Building schedules
was never this easy

Let Shifts123 help you:

  • Determine employee availability
  • Identify potential gaps and conflicts
  • Head off overtime costs
  • Match tasks and workers
... all automatically!

[Video] Step by step scheduling success!

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Your favorite
reports ever...

Will keep you on top of what's going on--instantly!

  • Who's on the job right now
  • Employee lists
  • Daily time sheets
  • Weekly and monthly schedule reports
  • Traditional schedule grid layout
  • Labor cost summaries--by hour, day, week, and month

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Build employee support

  • Keep them current via web, cell phone texts, or email -- 24/7!
  • Automatically process every scheduling request
  • Allow them to specify when they can and can't work
  • Eliminate the nuisance of having to call in
  • Instantly notify them of unexpected changes

Diagram of how employees can be notified

Be scheduling in 30 seconds.

  • What is it?

    Shifts123 is an online employee scheduling service that helps businesses save time, save money, retain employees and focus on where on what truly creates value.

  • Who is it for?

    For both big companies and small businesses, online scheduling with Shifts123 can cut the time spent scheduling in half. Rather than having to write out different schedules for different locations and departments you can create custom schedules online.

  • Why use it?

    You'll love using this online employee scheduling software -- it's reliable, fast and effective! We'll walk you through the easy process of building your own staff system with Shifts123 - you'll be up and running right away!